forest path

forest path

Monday, June 13, 2011

First Meditation

I have been meditating on a thought I have had
for a while.
 God doesn’t talk about the way he will work out
His words to us.
 Our life would be so much easier if God would say.
 “James, This is what is going to occur and this is
 how you are to go about it”. It may have happened
 somewhere , sometime, that I am unaware of.
 However, I’ll bet it is almost as rare as chickens’ teeth.
Why? Why does our heavenly Father/Mother
really force us  to search for the answer and direction?
  Is this what is meant,” Working out our Salvation”? I believe it is.
In our desire to find the answer or direction our
Father/Mother creates a multifaceted depth to
our walk that wouldn’t be there if it came easy.
Shallow rooted trees are the first to blow over in
a windstorm, the same with people. What binds
itself to the depth which God fashions in us? It
is Endurance, a mental/spiritual  toughness.
  We learn to endure the long hard and dark night,
 making us more appreciative of the daylight.
Depth speaks clearly of endurance one cannot exist without
the other.
 Perseverance is the soul mate of Endurance and Depth.
 It is the putting one-foot in front of the other, the
 “Keep on Truckin” idea
 (For those of you that were much hipper in
 the 60’s and 70’s ).
 It’s when the mud on the trail gets thick and sticky,
and every time you move your feet it tries to
suck your boots off. You keep moving your
feet, even if it is just a little wriggle trying to
free your feet you keep on, that’s Perseverance.
Sometimes we lose our shoes, but we keep on. I
think both Endurance and Perseverance are the
backbone of this. “Perseverance must finish its
work so that you may be mature and complete,
not lacking in anything”. (Jas.1: 4)
It makes us well-rounded and sometimes cranky people.
Earlier I spoke about our desire to find the
answer. We desire many things, however this desire
doesn’t stand alone as the motivator in these
things. It stands as a bond slave bound to the
love of and for our heavenly Father/Mother.
Obedience is the love child of this desire, this
union of Endurance and Perseverance. If you
have persevered and endured then you have
learned to listen. Obey means to hear.
Obedience is the yoke that Christ took on.
Obedience is a sometimes cruel and a demanding
taskmaster and sometimes she is a delight.
Nonetheless, she is inextricably linked to
Endurance and Perseverance. Obedience
sisters name is Discipline. Obedience depends
on Discipline to carry out her wishes the two
are inseparable. Discipline was at work with
Perseverance when the boots were being
sucked off our feet by the thick sticky mud
and we kept on going. Endurance was walking
through the cold squishy mud without
our boots. Obedience was the driving
force behind the trip through the mud
and to the goal.
Obedience is the answer to the question, Why ?
Discipline answers the question, how? Depth
takes Endurance and Perseverance and reflects
the beauty provided in our lives in the answer
to the question how.
“Blessed is the person who perseveres under
trial, because when they have withstood the test
they will receive the crown of life that God has
promised to those that love God”. (Jas 1:12)
Just some thoughts to think of next time
 you start wondering why we are forced to
search for answers instead of being given them
when God speaks. There is a reason we look
through a mirror darkly.

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  1. Great thoughts here, James! Plenty to think ponder. Thanks for sharing.