forest path

forest path

Monday, June 13, 2011


Within our Rut the stream of life flows always and predictable,
The walls of our rut keep the stream in place. Life is automatic, and we lose our sense of freshness, freedom and vibrancy. We have settled in for the comfortable and complacent, shying away from the risky and disruptive at all costs.
Sometimes God allows things to happen to the walls of our rut which causes or allows our stream of life to overflow the boundaries of our rut, we react in panic and distress. Sometimes it’s appropriate, but most time our anger and consternation comes to the forefront because we have been stressed by this overflow. We start binding the Evil one and his hierarchy because it certainly must be him. Only to look and see that it is Jesus sitting on the bulldozer, knocking down all the garbage and crap that we have constructed to keep in the water.
  We are forced to look around at our life, we no longer can hide in the “I am in control mode”, we have to look to the one who is our Help in times of trouble and wants to be in the good times*.  Now no longer can we be comfortable, or settled…  Here am I your servant __________, speak for I am listening.
*(which at least seems like that when everything we are doing  is right because there are no problems, everything is flowing smooth and silky)

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